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Using Ebriza with WordPress - WooCommerce



  1. Purchasing The Plugin
  2. Installing The Plugin
  3. Configuring The Plugin
  4. Testing Your Installation

1. Purchasing The Plugin

Navigate to our Ebriza plugin’s page:


Fill out a the details:

  • Live shop domain: the domain name of your online store (eg. mypizzashop.com)
  • Update subscription: by default, a purchases comes with a 6-months access to all future upgrades; if you always want to have your plugins up-to-date and benefit from new features, you can choose a longer subscription period;
  • Developm ent domain #1 and #2: (optional) the subdomain name of your “testing” shop. It is a good practice to run a copy of your online shop at a secondary location (eg. http://test.mypizzashop) and use this copy to “test” the installation of new plugins.
  • Installation service: if you don’t have time to install and setup the plugin yourself, we can do that for you.
Add the product to cart, and proceed to Checkout.

If you already have an HELOstore account, please sign in.

Otherwise, register a new HELOstore account.

Make sure to enter a valid email and a secure password that you can remember.

You will need them to activate the license of this plugin when configuring it in the next chapter.


Once you’re done filling out the Billing Address, proceed to payment and finalize the order.

As soon as your payment is confirmed, your license keys and downloads are made available to you. This is usually done almost instantly if you choose to pay with PayPal.

Proceed to the details page of your order.


Copy the License Key and Download the plugin.

2. Installing The Plugin

Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard, and in the sidebar menu go to: Plugins > Add New.


Click “Choose file”, choose the plugin’s ZIP file that you have downloaded in the previous step, and then click Install Now. The plugin will now install.

Once the installation has finished, click “Activate Plugin”.

3. Configuring The Plugin

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, click on “Settings” link under the Ebriza plugin’s title.

If you do not have the credentials for the “Ebriza Settings” section (Client ID, Public Key, Secret Key), you should be able to obtained them from your Ebriza contact person.

Important:  if this is the first time installing Ebriza plugin, choose the “Demomode so that you can test your installation (see next final step).

The credentials for “HELOstore Settings” section are the HELOstore email and password you have set at first step (“Purchasing The Plugin”), when you have registered for your HELOstore account.

The “License Key” can be found in your order details page.


Once you’ve filled out all these details, click “Save changes”. This will check the credentials for Ebriza API and the validate the HELOstore license of this plugin.

If all the details have been filled out correctly, you should see two success messages regarding the license activation and the Ebriza connection, as in the image below.

4. Testing Your Installation

We recommend that you always test the main functions (such as placing new orders) of your online shop after you update or install a plugin.

Therefore, you should test your new Ebriza plugin installation as well, especially if this is the first time you install it.

We recommend to first test the installation in “Demomode (using a demo Ebriza account), and only after the demo test succeeds, test the installation in “Livemode (using the actual Ebriza account).

To test if the information of new orders is being correctly sent to Ebriza POS using the Ebriza plugin, go to your shop and place an order as a customer.

Now, you should check if the order information was successfully sent to Ebriza POS. To do this, you can do two things:

  • connect as an admin to your WordPress shop, go to the order’s details page in WooCommerce > Orders, and check if there’s a new “note” attached as in the image below; this note is only visible to the admins;
  • connect to your Ebriza POS app and check if the new order has been listed.



Once you have confirmed that the order has been sent successfully to Ebriza POS, you can run this same test in “Live” mode.

If the live test succeeds as well, then you’re good to go!