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This add-on protects your website from broken links and, simultaneously, tries to improve the User Experience (UX) when things go bad.

There are many operations you do as a store administrator or vendor, that are apparently harmless, but, in fact, they often have negative impact on your SEO and UX, because these actions generate broken links, bounce rate increase, traffic decrease, bad user experience and lost revenue!
Such operations include, but are not limited to: renaming/deleting/moving categories/products/CMS pages/News, SEO name changes, and others.

Each time when you go about your business and update items that might be damaging, the AutoSEO addon jumps in and automatically creates for you proper redirects, to the most relevant resource it finds relative to a given customer!
AutoSEO keeps track of all your changes and takes the redirection algorithm a step further, being able to
- redirect back successfully to resources that changed over time, over and over (which usually would be "lost" and dead SEO-wise and, eventually, re-indexed by the search engine);
- redirect resources that have been disabled or even deleted, by trying to find similar resources and redirecting to them;
- handle mass-operations (hierarchical or not), like removing, renaming or moving entire categories branches.

While an alpha version is already in testing, a public version has yet to be published. If you're interested in this add-on, please subscribe above or contact me via Contact page.


Here's a couple of articles discussing two aspects the add-on is aiming to improve:



CS-Cart Ultimate 4.7.3 — CS-Cart Ultimate 4.2.1


1.0.7 -  11.05.2018
1.0.6 -  11.05.2018
1.0.5 -  11.05.2018
1.0.4 -  30.12.2017

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