Refund Policy

This document describes the policy of "HELOstore" (the "Company") regarding the software distribution and paid services provision through website (the "Site"). The refund policy applies to the rights of users (the "Customer(s)") who purchase software (add-ons) or services of the Company as well as to the restrictions and exceptions concerning all purchases of the Customer. If the Customer buys software or orders a paid service, the Customer confirms his agreement to the terms and conditions of this document.

The Company is selling non-tangible, digital goods. The Company is not responsible for compatibility of their products with any software and its versions, except software versions specified on the product description page.

The Company is committed to avoiding refunds through negotiations with the Customer. However, if the Customer is not satisfied with the quality of software or provided services, he can get a charge-back on the conditions described below.


Before making a payment the Customer should attentively read the technical specification provided by the Company. If the Customerpays for a project, he automatically confirms that the technical specification completely meets his requirements.

Customers can get a refund for custom development services or web design projects, but the Company charges a fee for the order cancellation. If the Customer asks for a refund before the start of project realization, there is a cancellation fee equal to 20% of the total project cost. The rest 80% are subject to refund. If the Customer asks for a refund after the start of project realization, the cancellation fee will be calculated based on the amount of fulfilled work.


The Customer can read the description of the desired product on the corresponding page. Also he can test this product on the demo site, links to which are given on the description page of every product.


The Customer can get a refund for add-ons developed by the Company within 14 days of the date of purchase and only in case of purchase of the first license. The Customer cannot get a refund for a second and subsequent licenses. This rule applies to every add-on separately distributed through the Company.

The add-ons developed and/or distributed by the Company sold by the discount price in the event of a sale, promotion or special offer are not eligible to a refund.


All refund requests of the Customer must be sent to the Company's e-mail ([email protected]), it is necessary to specify the refund reason.

The Company makes a refund decision within 3-5 business days.

Once the Customer gets a refund, he must completely delete the software acquired from our Company and it is prohibited to use it again under no circumstances.